3 Cathcart Hill


Badoureau 1886Edward Badoureau was born in Paris in 1845 but gained U.S. citizenship in 1876, living in New York as an engraver with his Belgian wife, Eves Perles. Yet by the 1881 Census he and Eves were living at 9 Churchill Road, a couple of streets away from Cathcart Hill.  Badoureau was a boxwood block manufacturer and also offered electrotype and stereotype printing plate services.  By at least 1885 Edward and Eves were living at 3 Cathcart Hill.  Cotemporary newspaper ads suggest Edward went into his partnership with Herbert Jones in about 1891, under the style of Badoureau and Jones. The partnership was dissolved in 1894 with Herbert Jones carrying on the business. Edward Badoureau died in Nice in 1896. It is not known where or when Eves died. They did not have any children.

Badoureau, Edward. Badoureau & Jones. Partnership dissolved 1894.           Badoureau And Jones. Featuring Poppin's Court, 1904              badoureau and jones engravers 1899.





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